23 November 2006

Well, onto my second, and overdue, post. I've been working hard teaching the present perfect to the disillusioned residents of Prague. Have been inundated with requests to "go pop" and join the TV presenting an English teaching hour on CT2 (like BBC2), but so far resisted. I prefer the pleasure of travelling the length and breadth of Europe ever day by public transport in order to subsist.

My housemate's pretty down on Prague at the mo, and I understand why. This place can be infuriating! There's so many problems, paperwork and protocols that if it moves ito the 21st century before 2100 it'll be a miracle. (Make you grateful that it's not 1989 again, although I think it may have been easier to bribe your way through things then...progress has been made then!)

As a case in point I had to go to buy an internet and phone line the other day. Luckily, my Czech is good enough to engage the help of customer service representatives, and I secured a line for us, which will be available in 10-14 days...remember BT back in the day?!

Well, the decision was easily made and I selected the middle of the road option to make things easier. Or so I thought. Then came the application process. By the end of the ordeal we'd gone through a ream of paper, two printer cartridges and I was signing my name with my left hand. Just another happy day dealing with the bureaucracy of an unreformed state and ex-public organisations.

My next adventure will be to the Foreign Police. No this is not some strange Czech variant on the Foreign Legion and I will not be hurled into shopping precincts to defend fountains and christmas decor from abuse somewhere in central Asia, but instead to register some details for the priviledge of residing in the country. And yes, the foreign police is an office of the police for foreigners, and no, none of the police or other staff who work their speak the world's favourite language....unless that might be Czech.

Got to run.

Till next time people! Love and Peace and someone please tell the President to lead the way, please!

16 October 2006

Following increasing numbers of complaints from friends, family and absolute strangers I met once in a hostel somewhere near Bratislava, I have finally succumb to the craze of the milennium and so here begins my blog life. Popping the cherry seems to be easier than I expected, and guarentees that you will receive regular updates on the trials and tribulations of my life as a teacher, student and citizen in the magical city of Prague.